John’s Story


It is Ok to feel bad you know, I know you look around and think that everyone else feels good, and it’s only you who feels this bad, but the truth is everyone feels bad; some people feel bad from time to time, some people feel bad for most of the time. Point is that you aren’t the only one who is feeling bad, you haven’t got as monopoly on it. You’re not ‘the only one who feels bad in the village’.

But maybe you’ve forgotten how it feels to feel good. There must have been a time when you felt good, even if it is ages ago, before the pain started to ruin everything, before you started to feel so lonely. You know, the people that made you feel good, stuff you did with them, the laughs, the respect, the mates.

However badly you may think things have gone many of the good things are all still there. They’ve not changed. It might be the way you think about them that’s changed, not the way they think about you. If you could only reach out. The people you love, the stuff you love, the mates , the respect you need, the laughter……they’re still there.

The most practical thing you can do right now is to reach out, be open about how you are feeling, ask for help, I know it seems impossible to believe, but the support you need is all round you, it just takes you to reach out. You know you are always going to feel bad some of the time, that’s life, but the pathway to feeling good more of the time is much closer than you think.




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