Anton’s Story

‘Everything changed for me when I went to a doctor who actually cared about how I was feeling. I know it goes against the urban myth but there are doctors who are concerned about men suffering from depressive episodes.

Years ago my life had fallen apart for all kind of reasons, I’d got very isolated and had tried to take my own life twice. It all started when I was kid. My mum neglected me and my dad was far to busy to notice. My self esteem was low from the very earliest times and my internal language was very negative and self critical. My Father and Mother divorced and my father came looking for me in York where I had gone to university.  He took me home and encouraged me to go and get help.

The doctor listened to me, no really, listened to me and gave me some medication. This helped my stability. The doc sent me on a number of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions. These were great ‘cos they helped me identify my feelings, specially when I was going down, and have self help strategies jn place. I found with my Dad and new Step Mum a place to go and talk whenever I needed to.

I eventually got a job after a few employment disasters, a job I still have. I felt confident enough to leave home and move to  a flat just round the corner, I got a bit of independence.

It’s not been all plain sailing in any way, but I am still here, I am dealing with my issues day to day and making a life for myself. I’ve come a long way and I’m feeling quite proud about that.’

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