Your Story

Your story is really important. The ups the down the inns the outs. Everything. All the experiences that have brought you to this point. The life affirming stuff the life undermining stuff too. How have you kept going? What strategies have you used? How have you kept mind and body together through it all.  Who has been there for you, who helped? who didn’t? From all of the people and groups that have shared your  journey who was most supportive. Which person or which group might it be worth others looking up.

You may be a guy who is suffering, you may be a worried spouse or partner. You may be a young person worried about your Dad. You might be supporting a mate.

Everyone at Mandown is on the same kind of journey some of us suffer from time to time, some of us are in long term supporting roles with others who do. We haven’t got all the answers, haven’t got many of the questions even, but you know what? were getting by and one of the ways we get by is through hearing other blokes inspirational stories.

So if you feel up to it write it down, the whole story in all it’s glory. there’s an amazing therapy in creative writing for it’s own sake. Writing seems to help you make sense of things a little and in thinking outside the box helps you to look at them differently too.

Treasure your story, it defines who you are and if you don’t mind, send us an excerpt, send us a couple of paragraphs , a thumbnail if you like so others can share in  our story, learn from your experiences as your journey engages with theirs.


If you feel able to share something, we’ll treat it with the utmost respect. Send it on to;

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